Seller is the one that accepts the order.
Buyer is the person or company that places the order.

By Leo (Seller) does not provide products or services to people under 18 years of age.

The Terms of Use aplly to all services and products provided by the Seller to the Buyer.

Billing, product quantity and time of shipping are not binding for the Seller but the Seller will make every effort possible to provide the needed products and services.

The Seller accepts Paypal, Visa and Mastercard credit cards. Every payment accepted by Paypal is considered valid. The Seller is not responsible for any loss made by the Buyer's mistake (including account withhold, trojian attacks from hackers or viruses).

A Delivery from the Seller, is considered complete when the order has been delivered to the Buyer's address or accredited mailing service. The Seller has the right to bill the Buyer for any mailing costs.

The Buyer is responsible for assuring that the products purchased can be legaly imported into the country of delivery.  
For any order placed from "By Leo", the receiver is the importer and must abide with the laws of the country of origin.

Due to the type of service, any order, after comfirmed from "By Leo", cannot be canceled. Cancelation will only be accepted before it's completion. 
The Buyer will be responsible for any mailing cost needed for the canceletion of a completed order. 

Loss or damaged products during transportation.
The Seller will take all the actions needed to reassure the protection from loss, damaging or destruction of the products being transported to the Seller.
The Seller will provide compensation to the Buyer for loss, damage or destruction during transportation in the form of replacing said products or by credit.

"By Leo" provides a one-month general warranty in all products, provided they are used as instructed. After the passing of the month, "By Leo" will take all actions to provide the best aftermarket services possible.
"By Leo" does not provide warranty for products that have been misused ( breaking of components due to rough use, falling, etc. )

Limitation of liability
The Seller does not bear responsibility for damage made from goverment decisions or any other official instituion.